Free Radical Gasification (FRG™)

"Based on a preliminary understanding of FRG free radical gasification technology, I think this is the best and most advanced technology that has been seen to convert waste into energy.
​​2018 Independent Technology Review Report

Since 2009, Responsible Energy has been developing an advanced thermal waste destruction solution that creates a hydrogen rich synthesis gas (syngas) from a vast variety of both liquid and solid wastes. Feedstock examples are Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Biomass, Biosolids, Post Recycled Plastics, Pet Coke, Liquid Wastes, and environmentally unfriendly waste streams from Commercial and Industrial sources.


Responsible Energy’s proven multi-patented Free Radical Gasification (FRG™) solution can competitively protect the environment by destroying waste, while at the same time produce a multitude of renewable resources. The secret of the FRG™ process is the precisely controlled generation of a >5,000oC (>9,000oF) conversion zone. At this temperature, similar to that of the sun, molecular bonds are broken apart creating two valuable commodities: a clean synthesis gas (syngas) and an inert granular aggregate.

UNIQUE Advantages

  • Easily meets all Environmental Regulations in any jurisdiction on the planet

  • Modular design – A site can be up and running at full capacity in under 9 months

  • Designed to process up to 100% liquids based on market demands

  • Able to produce more electricity than required to operate

  • Cash-flow positive facility even at an extremely small scale

  • Significantly lower capital cost than incineration or any other advanced thermal gasification solution