Modular Design


  • Responsible Energy modules have been designed to fit in sea containers. The number of containers shipped to a site would be dictated by the desired capacity.

  • Being containerized enables Responsible Energy to build facilities anywhere in the world.

  • Reduce site construction time by preassembling and testing of all new systems prior to being shipped.

  • Containers enable new installations to essentially consist of simply pouring a foundation, plugging the containers together, and then starting the conversion of waste to syngas. Thus, a new FRG™ facility can be potentially running at full capacity within 9 months after the receipt of all necessary permits.

  • Increased flexibility of a site’s capacity.

  • A manufacturing facility in its anticipated initial designed capacity could be able to build a module every 3 months.

  • Streamline any and all improvements with the ability to easily retrofit.

  • Take full advantage of creating long-term relationships with suppliers.

  • Continuous control over quality and intellectual property.

Modular design of conversion chambers