Ontario's Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Gives Responsible Energy Green Light

Today, Responsible Energy formally received all necessary Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) from Ontario's Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to begin operating a Free Radical Gasification (FRG™) Demonstration Facility in Ontario.

Permit # 4708-9U3LYT

Responsible Energy’s President and CEO, Gordon Fraser is quoted as saying, ‘This is the last missing piece of the puzzle needed for us to proceed with the final phase of commercializing our proven advanced thermal waste destruction technology. After 8 years of development, which includes more than 25,000 hours of design, testing, trials, and operation, I extremely proud of everything our team has accomplished to date, while spending only 1/10th of the capital required by the competition."

What is Free Radical Gasification (FRG™)?

Free Radical Gasification (FRG™) is a multi-patented technology that is able to economically protect the environment by destroying waste while at the same time provide an opportunity to produce a multiple of renewable resources. The secret of the FRG™ process is the precisely controlled generation of a >5,000oC conversion zone. At this temperature, similar to that of the sun, molecular bonds are broken apart creating two valuable commodities: a clean synthesis gas (syngas) and an inert granular aggregate.

About Responsible Energy Inc.?

Responsible Energy has created a proven waste destruction solution that enables the clean conversion of non-hazardous and hazardous solid and liquid waste into valuable commodities such as Electricity or Renewable Natural Gas.


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