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Responsible Energy has Begun Commercial Scale FRG™ Startup Trials

A New Era in Waste Management Has Begun!

We here at Responsible Energy have begun the trials of our newly built Free Radical Gasification (FRG™) system and it is not only a purrs!

On March 11, 2021, our state-of-the-art FRG™ system, successfully processed liquids. Which now confirms that the FRG™ technology can successfully process any type of liquid at commercial scale.

Upon completion of the trials currently underway, we will then begin the next phase of converting waste, such as Biomass, Biosolids, MSW, post recycled plastics, and industrial liquid wastes, into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and eFuel (Hydrogen Fuel); both of which are extremely valuable environmental energy solutions of the future.

"We are literally changing the way the world sees waste!"


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