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PFAS Recycling/Destruction
Global Innovation Leader Dedicated
to Sustainably Managing 'Forever Chemicals'

Our mission is to modernize the hazardous liquid waste disposal industry through the widespread adoption of our sustainable recycling technology.

We are committed to protecting our environment by setting the standard for PFAS destruction and hazardous waste recycling.

Responsible Energy is...

the first company to successfully demonstrate a low cost, commercial-scale technology, capable of a PFAS recycling/destruction rate greater than 99.99%.

World Leading PFAS Destruction Technology


Our Destiny...


Destruction of Concentrated

PFAS - 'Forever Chemicals'

PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are a group of man-made chemicals used in hundreds of everyday products for their durability and resistance to water, oil, and heat.


Unfortunately, they build up in our bodies and never break down in the environment. Extremely small doses of PFAS have so far been linked to cancer, liver damage, infertility, asthma, thyroid issues, and immune problems. 

For more than 50 years, chemical companies have concealed evidence of the health hazards associated with PFAS. Today, almost everyone, including newborn babies, has traces of PFAS in their blood, as it has been found worldwide in water and soil, even in remote regions.


What began as a “miracle of modern chemistry” is now a global environmental issue.


Our Multi-Patented Solution...


Free Radical Gasification


is the precisely controlled creation of a conversion zone >5,000°C (10,000°F). This zone, similar to the sun’s surface temperature, easily breaks apart all chemical bonds.


The unbound elements are then put back together to create a clean, renewable synthesis gas (syngas).

Simplified PFAS Destruction Process Flow

Our values are rooted in integrity, sustainability, and respect for our planet. Our innovative approach reflects our commitment to creating real, positive change.

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